Every home is unique

When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home from future invaders, we apply our science-based approach to help identify the root of your problem and implement a solution made expressly for your home. During every visit, we will use a three step process, inspect, Treatment and frequent follow ups.

Areas that may be Affected
  1. Inspect
    • A Pestmatic Technician will visit and conduct a thorough inspection of the home identifying all areas that are heavily infested and also the breeding areas.
    • This process should take 45mins to 1 Hour
  2. Treatment
    • Fixing the problem:- the technician will proceed to getting rid of the identified pest concerns by use chemical certified for public use and home use by the PCPB(Pest Control & Products Board)
    • Once done, he or she will fill out work sheet showing all the areas he or has treated and they will also notify you of when they will be back for the follow up if need be.
  3. Follow up
    • Pests don’t come just once a year, so why should we? We will visit on a regular schedule year-round to monitor your home and pest activity. We will check for new pests while monitoring the status of previous treatments. And if we see something new or suspicious, we will investigate. We will continue to document your progress and problems to ensure the best maintenance approach for your home.. We’re not happy unless you’re 100% satisfied.
    • We will check for new pests while monitoring the status of previous treatments.

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