In line with our vision as company we have partnered with Disease Control Technologies
to provide the most effective, tough, durable, long lasting and WHO approved nets in the market

Technology Used

Royal Sentry Long Lasting Insecticidal Net are uniquely manufactured to be the strongest and most durable product in the fight against vector borne diseases.
This is made possible by its physical and chemical properties. Including:

  • Royal Sentry® brand of Long-lasting insecticide treated net products are made from 100% high density polyethylene (composition ISO1833: 1977) offering both value and ultra-high performance for malaria prevention.
  • Royal Sentry® brand of LLIN are constructed of 150 denier monofilament yarn (ISO 8388: 1998) incorporating technical grade alpha-cypermethrin complying with requirements of WHO specification 454/TC (April 2006).
  • Royal Sentry® LLINs contain 6.5 times the standard ITN dose of alpha-cypermethrin (content of 5.8 g/kg or 261 mg/m²) that is fully incorporated into the polymer structure of the bed net. This provides a chemical reservoir that yields industry leading wash retention, storage stability and biological efficacy.
  • Warp-knit fabric construction is an optimal 132 mesh size per in² or 20 holes per cm² (ISO 7211/2: 1984) for both superior strength, air flow and personal protection, and is manufactured according to ISO 9000:2000 standards.
  • Royal Sentry® long-lasting insecticide treated net fabric is a tough and durable 45 grams per square meter (GSM) weight.
  • Royal Sentry® LLINs have the highest bursting strength and seam strength (>450 kPa) of all WHOPES approved LLIN products.

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